The Bible is God’s gift to us. In the pages of this remarkable book, we can discover God’s story and how we fit into it. From the beginning to the end, the Bible reveals everything we need to know about living the abundant life that Jesus promised.

The apostle Paul said that God’s Word is useful to equip us for everyday life. Specifically, the Bible shows us what is right, what is wrong, how to stop doing what is wrong, and how to start doing what is right.

This Bible study book will help you experience the life-changing power of God’s Word. Every day, you will read one chapter, chew on the truth it contains, and determine the next steps that will help you align your life with that truth.

Begin by choosing one book of the Bible and committing to set aside 30 minutes every day to read and study that book. If you’ve never tried this before, start with the book of Mark. This is the shortest of the four Gospels (the biographies of Jesus written by His closest friends). After you finish Mark, try the book of James or Philippians.

Each day you’ll be guided through several exercises that will help you become more familiar with the chapter. Like a detective, you’ll explore the minute details and gain new perspectives on the teachings. This might seem like busy work, but it is a great way to let the concepts of the chapter seep into your mind and take root in your heart.

Make sure you take time to identify your next steps. As James 1:22 says, “be a doer of the word, not just a hearer.” Allow God’s truth to change you day-by-day, decision-by-decision, and step-by-step.


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