DISCOVER THE BIBLE| Through the New Testament


The New Testament contains 260 chapters.

Each year contains 52 weeks, which include 260 weekdays (Monday-Friday).

If you read one chapter from the New Testament every weekday (Monday-Friday), you’ll be able to read through the entire New Testament in one year. Reading only one chapter allows you the freedom to read slowly, for comprehension. You can take your time to chew on some of the verses. You can dig into some of the more difficult passages and consult commentaries or other resources.


Whether you are new to the Bible or have been reading it for years, there is always more to learn and discover in its pages. This journal is designed to help you along this journey. Every day you will have the opportunity to memorize one verse and spend time thinking more deeply about it. Then you will be guided through a series of questions to help you unpack the meaning of the passage and then to apply the principles to your life. Every day you will also be provided with five quick thoughts to help you understand or to challenge your thinking as you read.

At the end of every reading session, you’ll be ready to head out and take your next steps to live more like Jesus!

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